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FDR’s Yacht Plies the Waters of San Francisco Bay

The presidential yacht, Potomac, recently underwent maintenance drydocking at Bay Ship and Yacht in Alameda, Calif. (Photo: Business Wire)

Posted by Eric Haun

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidential yacht, Potomac, is once again plying the waters of San Francisco Bay after undergoing a maintenance drydocking at Bay Ship and Yacht in Alameda, Calif.
Long known as the "Floating White House," she served as the presidential yacht until his death in 1945. She has a storied past from her start as a Presidential yacht to the King's yacht (Elvis Presley) and several other lives in-between.
Now under management of the Potomac Association, she is under constant care and refurbishment to combat the elements of time. Her dedicated docents selected Bay Ship and Yacht as her recent repair facility as the company is so familiar with the vessel. Repairs included above and below water painting; preservation and repair of the valves; checking and maintenance of all mechanical propulsion and steering systems; structural steel repairs to tanks and hatches; and tank painting.
"The Potomac is a wonderfully kept piece of machinery by a dedicated group docents that are passionate about preserving history," said Richard Maguire, Business Development Manager, Bay Ship and Yacht. "Her docents often remark about the monumental decisions that were discussed aboard all throughout her tour of duty spanning the Great Depression and World War II. Bay Ship and Yacht is extremely pleased to be part of the preservation of such a fine piece of American history, and delighted to work with such professional and dedicated members of the Potomac Association."

May 5, 2017

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