Better Way Products Expands Custom Capabilities

Posted by August 22, 2017

Maritime Propulsion

Photo: BWP

Known in the marine sector for its dock boxes, Better Way Products is a provider of OEM fiberglass parts. From its founding 30 years ago, it has grown to become one of the largest composite manufacturers in the U.S. This accomplishment is due in great part to its continual investment in new technologies.

The company routinely builds intricate, multi-piece molds that maximize design intent. Recent examples of its capabilities can be found on Smoker Craft, Manitou and Avalon boats.

It's able to produce these parts with state-of-the-art tooling and 7-axis water jet robots, and embracing cutting-edge technologies like resin transfer molding, or RTM. Proven in the aerospace industry, RTM delivers a completely smooth interior to molded fiberglass with exceptional dimensional tolerances.

Better Way Products claims to separates itself from the competition by its design and manufacturing capabilities.

The company operates a lean manufacturing system. This waste reduction—of processes, materials and time—ensures Better Way Products delivers its high level of quality on time.

Headquartered in New Paris, Indiana, Better Way Products works in a wide range of industries. The company offers complete turnkey functions: design, engineering, prototyping and production.

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