Keeping Plastics Out of the Ocean: New AMELS Drinking Water Systems

June 26, 2018

Yachting Journal

Inspired by yacht owners and crews and to coincide with World Environment Day, AMELS announced that it is designing drinking water purification systems into all new AMELS Limited Editions yacht projects. These systems can tackle the global plastic waste problem, while providing pleasant-tasting and safe drinking water. The new drinking water system is a great way to reduce the plastic footprint of yacht ownership.

The AMELS yard has now designed remineralization and purification systems into its new Limited Editions yachts, to give crews and guests access to carbonated or chilled water – made by the yacht itself – wherever in the world they are. 

Remo Mayer, build captain of the 242 New Secret Yacht, said, “On NEW SECRET we came up with a system so we can drink our own tap water. We have stainless steel bottles for the whole crew and we save up to about 10,000 plastic bottles a year. That’s maybe a small step, but I think more ships should do it. It’s good for the environment to have something like this in place.”