A New Name in Ship, Yacht Sales

February 20, 2019

Yachting Journal

Dimitri de Laat, founder of Vesselbay.com

Vesselbay.com went live in 2019 with the launch of an online sales platform for vessels, a platform designed to ensure efficient sales processes.

Vesselbay.com aims to bring together buyers and sellers of vessels, invisible to the eyes of third parties, on an international scale. It works as follows: 

1] A private or business vendor advertises a yacht or ship on Vesselbay.com.

2]  A potential buyer makes an invisible, provisional bid for the vessel online via the Vesselbay.com website or app. 

3] The seller is then able to accept the bid or reject it and in return make a counter offer. 

Once the seller accepts the bid, the relevant bidder is then introduced to the seller. At this point, the agreement remains provisional and non-binding and both parties have 60 days to inspect, survey and test. As the seller and the potential buyer start with a provisional price agreement, there are no unnecessary viewings or false expectations regarding the final sales price.

“Having experienced more than 22 years in yacht brokerage, the sale of used yachts and boats, online registrations for superyachts, boat advertisement websites, voluntary auctions and private sales, the changes in the used-boats market are becoming more and more evident," said Dimitri de Laat, founder of Vesselbay.com. "The specific requirements and expectations of both buyers and sellers of yachts and ships are evolving. In addition to the existing online and offline channels with static advertisements and sales information, there is now also a greater need for international, interactive and discrete sales channels. That is what ultimately led to the development of Vesselbay.com, the alternative bidding platform for yachts to find and connect with buyers worldwide."

Buyers, private sellers and brokers can use Vesselbay.com. 


The site works on the basis of monthly subscriptions that can be cancelled on a daily basis. In the event that Vesselbay.com has introduced the ultimate buyer to the seller, a fee of 1% excluding VAT of the provisional price agreement is then charged. As well as facilitating the introduction of buyers and sellers, Vesselbay.com also offers additional personal assistance in relation to purchase, advice and consultation, sea trials, purchase agreements, financing, transport, VAT statuses, berth and / or registration. 

"In the past month, I have sold a yacht through Vesselbay.com which I had been unable to find a buyer for through the regular channels. Vesselbay.com is set to enhance and enrich the market of used boats. In using the site we are increasing our potential sales market and therefore the sales opportunities considerably,” says Joeri Saly owner of Yachtfull International Yachtbrokers.

To mark its launch, Vesselbay.com is offering an introductory 30-day free of charge trial period, an offer that runs until April 1, 2019.

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