Northern Lights, HUG Engineering Partner on Clean Power

October 26, 2016

Yachting Journal

Marine generator sets manufacturer Northern Lights, Inc. (NLI) has formed a partnership with exhaust after-treatment equipment manufacturer HUG Engineering to provide complete IMO III certified clean air power generation solutions.

The new partnership will allow customers to purchase Northern Lights’ line of marine generator sets and HUG’s selective catalytic NOx reduction (SCR) systems or particle filter (DPF) systems as one completely integrated solution. This engineered solution is fully IMO III Certified and meets the stringent performance and packaging requirements of the maritime industry. Ideal for the superyacht market, the SCR / DPF is available for Northern Lights units above 115kWe installed on vessels over 500 gross register tonnage. 
“Northern Lights is well known for producing the world’s highest quality marine generator sets. Likewise, HUG Engineering is well known for producing the highest quality after-treatment systems,” said Northern Lights Vice President and General Manager, Brian Vesely, “Both companies are wide-scope, market-driven manufacturers, dedicated to engineering solutions for the marine industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the ability for NLI and HUG to offer off-the-shelf solutions for these new IMO III requirements, which gives customers an advantage when building or refitting a vessel under these new standards.”
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