OceanGrip Products to Feature Mossy Oak Designs

October 10, 2018

Yachting Journal

Photo courtesy of Mossy Oak

OceanGrip, a premier manufacturer of high quality marine-grade traction products, has announced the launch of exclusive Mossy Oak-brand designs across its 2018-2019 product line. 

 An outdoors company, Mossy Oak outfits and informs anglers, hunters and adventure enthusiasts, and its signature camouflage patterns are popular among its followers. OceanGrip is the only marine-product company to feature the designs.

Mossy Oak camo patterns fit in no matter where the adventure happens. They contain true-to-size natural elements for maximum concealment in nature and use digitally enhanced 3D photorealistic images to produce a clean, high-definition look. Mossy Oak Elements, their newest pattern, layers multi-directional imagery to help make outlines invisible on the water. Elements is available in a variety of colors to reflect the weather and environment while boating or fishing. In addition to the entire Elements line-up, OceanGrip customers can select Shadow Grass Blades, one of Mossy Oak’s traditional camo patterns.

OceanGrip produces marine flooring, helm pads, cooler pads, fish rulers, rod protectors and casting platforms. Its marine flooring pads enhance comfort, reduce fatigue, dampen noise and vibration, and safeguard decks from scuffs, chips and dents. Featuring an innovative, textured surface for exceptional traction even when wet, the pads reduce the potential for slipping and falling on slippery boat decks and are equipped with a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy installation with a simple peel and stick application. OceanGrip’s additional products use the same traction technology to protect rods, kayaks and coolers, and enhance the overall boating experience.