ABT-TRAC, WESMAR and SmartCatch Form INOV8V Marine

July 13, 2022

Yachting Journal

Roger Fellows, owner of Western Marine Electronics (WESMAR), Arcturus Marine Systems (ABT-TRAC), and SmartCatch, announced Wednesday the formation of a new marine technology company, INOV8V Marine Group, encompassing all three legacy brands.

Fellows says combining the three companies produces a more complete, higher-performing product line, with improved service after the sale.

“Whether operating pleasure yachts or commercial fishing vessels, our customers demand performance, reliability and aftermarket support,” Fellows said. “INOV8V Marine Group is in a stronger position to deliver than our component brands would be by themselves.”

WESMAR has been innovating since introducing the world’s first solid-state sonar in 1965. Its technological breakthroughs fall into three segments: sonar, vessel stabilizers, and bow and stern thrusters. WESMAR innovations include the worlds first video sounder, first continuous picture color sonar, and introduction of the first dual-propeller counter rotational bow thruster.

ABT-TRAC began as Arcturus Marine Systems in 1986. Best known in the yachting industry, ABT-TRAC specializes in stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, and hydraulic systems. Its innovations include electrically driven stabilizers that deliver hydraulic performance without hydraulic overhead.

SmartCatch began in 2012 with the mission of using innovative “eyes in the net” underwater video technology to maximize commercial fishing profitability while reducing wasteful destruction of non-target fish, or bycatch.

“Whether for pleasure or business, our customers tend to be people who find themselves in demanding marine environments, far from home,” INOV8V President Fellows said. “They value systems that perform. We founded INOV8V Marine Group to deliver safety, pleasure and profit to the people who need them most.”