Air Freight Services for the Marine Industry

November 18, 2015

Yachting Journal

Image: Amerijet

The Caribbean islands, reaching from Antigua, St. Barts and Anguilla to St. Maarten, the Grenadines, the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are traditional hot spots for yachting.

Yacht owners and marine suppliers in these areas frequently need to order supplies, ranging from spare parts to fishing gear, or restock provisions. It is important that orders arrive on time and in good condition, and airfreight is the preferred choice of transportation when time is of the essence. 
Amerijet International, Inc. has direct, all-cargo flights connecting the U.S. to the Caribbean. With scheduled air cargo service to all of the Caribbean islands, Central America and Mexico, Amerijet is a preferred carrier for most yacht owners and marine suppliers.
Amerijet’s fleet of B767 and B727 aircraft can move oversized cargo such as propellers, mechanical parts and tenders. In fact, Amerijet is capable of transporting hazardous material, such as emergency flairs or chemical solvents and cleaning products. With local offices situated throughout its entire service region, Amerijet also provides shipping services for perishable goods, ranging from fresh to frozen. 
Amerijet offers customers multiple shipping options. Amerijet’s General Cargo Express or GCX services guarantee that shipments will be sent on the very next flight to the exact chosen destination. Amerijet’s team works closely with customers at its local offices to provides all sorts of services for the special handling of their cargo, including warehousing, creating the necessary documentation and providing customs clearance, pickup and delivery.
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