Allsalt Maritime Debuts New Suspension Seats

February 2, 2022

Yachting Journal

(Image: Allsalt Maritime)

Allsalt Maritime has introduced the Shoxs Caster suspension seat series, designed to deliver a smoother ride for the offshore boater. The new Helmcaster and Saltcaster models are all-in-one, fully featured suspension seat systems for the recreational boater, eliminating the challenge of matching seat buckets with suspension bases like shock absorbing pedestals or modules.

The ABYC compliant Caster series consists of four models: Helmcaster X4, Helmcaster X8, Saltcaster X4 and Saltcaster X8.

The same suspension technology used in military shock mitigation systems has been tuned for recreational use. Every part of the Shoxs Caster Series is designed to work together to absorb wave impacts. Proprietary shock absorbing foam cushions are paired with the largest air shock available for recreational watercraft, delivering up to eight inches of compression and rebound-controlled impact mitigation.

The Shoxs Helmcaster features a flip-up bolster, and the Saltcaster features a fixed seat base and footrest option. Padded armrests and a reclining seat back are standard features. Optional features include height adjustment, fore/aft adjustment and swivel. A compact, adjustable height pedestal mount installs easily in new boat builds or aftermarket refits.

Hard coat anodized aluminum components, 316 stainless steel, and fiber reinforced composite seat backs result in a ‘never-corrode’ design.