ASA Reveals Polk Ultra-Marine Source Unit

August 6, 2014

Yachting Journal

ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer of audio and video mobile electronics and appliances is eager to unveil the new Polk Ultra-Marine source unit. Acording to the manufacturer, this model offers incomparable sound superiority, while offering a variety of enhanced connection capabilities for boating enthusiasts.

The product includes iPod/iPhone compatibility that allows users to listen to music while simultaneously charging devices. The UM1 is also Bluetooth-enabled and SIRIUSXM Ready.  The Bluetooth connection can reach up to 100 feet, while typically a standard connection only reaches 30 feet.  It features a dual USB port and two auxiliary audio inputs to connect to various devices. Additionally, it comes complete with an AM/FM radio and weatherband tuner, so boaters can stay updated on news and weather alerts while out on the water.

The UM1 has a maximum power of 200 watts which delivers state-of-the-art sound with the click of a button. A 4-volt output has been incorporated into the stereo, as an advantage over a 2-volt output. The unit features a two-piece modular design that includes a waterproof commander module as well as a hideaway module.

This stereo can be used with the UMZC4, a zone control module, capable of controlling one subwoofer per zone. When paired with the UMZC4, boaters can use the microphone input. The microphone feature is a communication tool used when pulling a recreational device, such as someone on a tube or water skies.  It will automatically mute all four zones so boaters can easily use the microphone.

UM1 is UV-resistant and is designed with corrosion-resistant materials to withstand a multitude of aquatic conditions. Not only is it waterproof, but it comes with a silicone rubber storage protector for ultimate protection.

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