Bellingham Marine Opens Plant in Fiji

September 18, 2017

Yachting Journal

The island nation of Fiji is thriving in its seventh straight year of economic growth. From textiles to sugar, one of Fiji’s fastest growing sectors is manufacturing. The country has now expanded into pontoon manufacturing with the announcement of the partnership between Bellingham Marine and Marine Structures and Consultancy (MSC) Limited.
Two of the country’s best-known marine service operators, Hall Dredging and Bob Oldham, recently took control of MSC. Both have worked on Bellingham projects over the years and maintain an excellent working relationship with Bellingham Marine New Zealand (BMNZ).
In the final week of July, the first Unifloat pontoons were manufactured in the Fiji plant under the watchful eye of BMNZ management, who gave the pontoons their stamp of approval.
There is great opportunity in the region. Favorable financial and governmental conditions have opened Fiji’s doors to companies like Bellingham Marine that are looking to set-up operations in the South Pacific.
“Having a production plant in Fiji allows us to provide clients in the region with more competitive pricing,” said Bruce Birtwistle, General Manager of Bellingham Marine New Zealand. “Transportation and production costs are greatly reduced.”
“Our partnership with MSC not only benefits our clients, but the local community,” Birtwistle added. “The plant brings new jobs to the region and helps further bolster the local economy.”
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