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SpeedCast and Axxess Marine Making Waves

SpeedCast International Limited (ASX: SDA), a global satellite communications and network service provider, and Axxess Marine, an innovative full-service global communications company, are joining forces to revolutionize the way superyacht customers manage their data usage through SpeedCast’s reliable VSAT communications solution. Axxess Marine’s industry-changing contract-free online portal gives customers complete control over their spending, enabling customers to tailor their data tariff to suit their needs - wherever they are in the world. Customers can also pause and remotely restart their VSAT service via Dynamic Suspension.

Image: gplink

GPLink is Now NMEA 2000 Compatible

gplink is a remote monitoring and notification system that utilizes a worldwide network of GSM and low orbit satellites to transmit data and stats about a vessels' propulsion systems in near real-time. Previously only available on larger inboard yachts and commercial vessels, the technology now connects to any NMEA 2000 backbone with the ability to monitor up to five engines with a single box and provide around-the-clock live monitoring for affordable, reliable protection. Monitoring a vessel's location…

CC-LITE  (Photo: NSSL Global)

NSSL Global Launches CC-LITE

Independent satellite communications provider NSSLGlobal has announced Cruise Control (CC) LITE, a new entry-level email management solution for the maritime sector. Created by NSSLGlobal, CC-LITE is compatible with both FleetBroadband and Iridium Open Port, meaning it can be integrated into a number of vessels across A1 to A4 regions. The CC-LITE email service enables reductions in satellite bandwidth usage and costs through an intelligent mix of usage policies and highly-efficient data compression that can save up to 75 percent per message.