Stainless Steel Hardware

Photo: Golden Boat Lifts

Golden Lift Delivers Benefits

Keeping a hull clean is either backbreaking work or a never-ending series of yard bills. But it doesn't have to be. Golden Boat Lifts' Four-Post Lift accommodates virtually any inboard or outboard vessel up to 56,000 lbs.The boat's bottom remains free of fouling for maximum speed and fuel economy; scrubbing becomes a nonissue. Stored safely out of the water, nothing rubs against it from wave and tidal action. And, in the case of a complete power failure, it won't sink due to a…

Whale Tail XL (Photo: Davis Instruments)

Optimized Outboard and Sterndrive Power

A portion of the energy created by a propeller is lost from upward flow. The Whale Tail XL from Davis Instruments is a stabilizer and ski boat fin that takes this wash and powerfully directs it aft.Whale Tail XL's unique hydrodynamic design generates lift for improved acceleration to plane and increased top speed. Waterskiers pop out of the water easier and in less time, and enjoy a flattened wake.With the Whale Tail XL, pitch and roll is decreased. This provides a level, comfortable ride with skid-free turns, especially in rough water.Handling is enhanced with the Whale Tail XL.

Image: Accon Marine

Accon Signs New Rep Group

To increase its sales force, Accon Marine brings on a new rep group, Cressy Marketing, which will cover Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois for the stainless steel hardware manufacturer. "We are pleased to join forces with such a well-established company committed to innovation and growth in the marine industry," said Jim Cressy, partner at Cressy Marketing. "Cressy Marketing is a great addition to our team," added Bernd Czipri. "Their industry knowledge and experience will help grow our business in this territory.

Stainless Tie Downs Easily Secure Equipment

Securing equipment to the deck doesn't have to involve a lot of tools or hardware. Accon Marine's Tie Downs easily ensure poling platforms, scuba gear, fenders and other marine accessories stay in place when aboard. Available in two sizes, the larger 195 Tie Down is also ideal for docks. The smaller 196 version is well-suited for personal watercraft. The large version measures 3-1/2" L x 3-1/2" W x 1-1/4" D, while the small measures 2" L x 2" W x 1" D. Both are constructed of stainless steel. Assembly consists of the main body and sealing cup.