CHIRP Releases Super Yacht FEEDBACK

October 9, 2023

Yachting Journal

© Berg / Adobe Stock

Voluntary near-miss reporting scheme CHIRP Maritime has released its latest issue of FEEDBACK magazine (SY04) for the superyacht sector.

The wide variety and dynamic nature of superyacht operations makes planning for every eventuality impossible, and we instead rely on the ‘guiding stars’ of a common goal, good communication, teamwork and a strong safety culture to frame our decision-making and actions, says Adam Parnell, CHIRP Director (Maritime).

“In doing so, we make certain assumptions: when we encounter deficiencies in the information available, we assume that our knowledge, experience and professionalism will compensate; every individual is suitably competent and experienced, and the equipment we use is well designed and fit-for-purpose. We may also assume that safety will be prioritised over commercial interests, and that this view is shared by owners, guests and leaders alike.”

Recent incident reports received by CHIRP challenge each of these assumptions, including the fallacy that “the boss is always right.”
Parnell says: “As ever, we are thankful for the incident and near-miss reports that companies and individuals submit to us. Your reports have impact: you are helping to raise awareness of important safety issues, and by doing so, you are preventing future incidents, and keeping others safe. Thank you!”