Cooper Yacht Debuts Cooper 800 Yacht Tender

October 13, 2014

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 Cooper Yacht proudly announces the debut of the Cooper 800 yacht tender.  Founded in the Netherlands in 2009, the mission of the company is to offer ultimate style and comfort in a multi-functional vessel at a reasonable price to the consumer.  With three models on the market in Europe, Asia and South Pacific, Cooper Yacht now enters the U.S. market with the Cooper 800 yacht tender.

With an efficient hull shape, the Cooper 800 travels at a speed of 16 knots with a 54 HP inboard Yanmar Diesel engine consuming 1.1 Gallon/hour, which is standard on the vessel. Options from 29Hp to 125Hp are available. 

Designed for style and comfort, the trailerable vessel offers multi-functionality for a day lounging out on the water or for wakeboarding.  It seats up to 10 passengers comfortably. 

With a custom dashboard, hydraulic steering, convertible spray hood and adjustable seating at the helm, visibility and operation of the vessel are simplified.  Its rugged construction includes high quality stainless steel components and DSM resin. 

The Cooper 800 design features include an integrated bimini under the aft deck, and teak covered topsides, cockpit floor, and engine cover.  The vessel purchase price also includes four fenders with the easy connect fender pin™ system, anchor, flag and landlines.

“Our heart and soul went into the design of this vessel.  We understand our customer, their behavior and desires. The Cooper 800 offers all of the features they want and so much more,” said Andre Tromp, co-founder of Cooper Yacht.  “We are excited to debut this boat in the United States at the upcoming Annapolis Boat Show.”

The Cooper 800 will be displayed at the Annapolis Power Boat Show, October 16th – 19th at C-Dock.  Please visit Cooper Yacht USA Tuesday, October 16th at 4pm to meet the builder and enjoy a beverage.

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