Dockmate Upgrades Its Wireless Remote Control System

February 3, 2021

Yachting Journal

(Image: Dockmate)

Dockmate, manufacturer of advanced wireless remote controls for yachts, announced today its next generation remote control transmitters and an all-new mounting option with a custom-designed fixed-mount, wireless charging Cradle.

Key innovations in the upgraded hardware are an easier-to-use interface for the TWIN+ touch pad remote control and added wireless charging capability. The next generation of Dockmate remotes also gain the advanced functionality of a new vibration response, which means that they now have three types of feedback: visual (LEDs), audible (buzzer) and tactile (vibration), for added safety and a more intuitive user experience.

With the new Dockmate Cradle fixed-mount, wireless charging pad, users no longer have to choose between a fixed joystick or a remote control. The combination of the Dockmate TWIST joystick remote and the new Dockmate Cradle enables a cutting-edge feature: Fixed Joystick Mode. Once the TWIST joystick remote is placed in the Cradle, it can be used just like any other third-party joystick docking system. The true innovation is that by taking the remote out of its Cradle, users immediately have the flexibility of a wireless remote control. This gives users incredible savings, both in cost and helm space, as the Cradle only takes up about 20 cm by 8 cm of surface mounting space for a tidier bridge station.

Developed specially by Scanstrut to accommodate the Dockmate remote, the Cradle is also waterproof (IPX6), UV-resistant, and has an anodized aluminum chassis. It can be mounted anywhere inside or out, like on the flybridge, and it can be used to charge cell phones as well. The Cradle is perfect for frequent users, keeping the remote in an easy-to-reach location and ensuring the unit has a full battery and is ready-to-use.

“We’re the fastest growing wireless remote control company in the world because we understand what boaters want with this type of safety equipment, and we’re committed to providing a continuously improving system,” said Dirk Illegems, president, Dockmate. “While the Dockmate wireless remote control system is well-known for being an affordable and highly innovative product for slow-speed maneuvering, our next generation offers even more flexibility and the incredible cost savings of adding a fixed joystick, and replacing it with a dual fixed and wireless system.”