FIPOFIX Making Second Transatlantic Crossing

June 3, 2014

Yachting Journal

  • Harald Sedlacek
  • Harald Sedlacek

The extreme sailor Sedlacek passed the Bermuda’s. Already 1,200 nautical miles in the wake of the FIPOFIX.

Departing on May 16, 2014 at 17:40 MESZ from West Palm Beach (U.S.) for the second crossing race to Les Sables d’Olonne (France), the extreme sailor Harald Sedlacek and his only 4.9 meter short volcanic prototype FIPOFIX reached on Sunday evening the north of the Bermuda’s. The second record crossing race which brings the extreme sailor back to Europe, is going until now without any technical problems.

From now on, the skipper and the boat must fight along the northern great circle route, the classic way of the northern low pressure areas, accompanied by cold and rough sea of approximately 3,000 nautical miles to the European continent. After all, the final sprint in the Bay of Biscay is waiting for him. "At the moment I feel like on a roller coaster: the wild and confused state of the sea makes the sea area here around the Bermuda’s a real horror!” told the Skipper Sedlacek by satellite telephone.

With the success in this second Transatlantic crossing race, the name of Sedlacek would not only be written in the sailing history, but this would be a great success and recognition of new material technology and new material “Made in Austria”.

Project "Proof of Principle" Open16 FIPOFIX, Update June 3, 2014

From continent to continent, "Proof of Principle" stands for the worldwide first attempt to cross the North Atlantic in an only 16-foot short sailing boat, entirely built from volcanic fiber, single-handed, nonstop and without any external assistance from east to west and subsequently from west to east by the terrifying northern route.

Currently, the skipper Sedlacek is the worldwide first extreme sailor who sailed in an only 16-foot sailing boat across the Atlantic Ocean from continent to continent single-handed, nonstop and without any external assistance. At the same time Harald Sedlacek is holding the record for the longest single-handed-nonstop sailing-trip in a 16 feet class by nautical miles.


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