GFCI Receptacles Provide Added Safety Afloat

August 12, 2016

Yachting Journal

Photo: Hubbell Marine

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) recommends using ground fault protected receptacles where there's potential for water exposure, such as heads, galleys, machinery spaces or a weather deck. Fully compliant with the newest UL 943 Standards, the Hubbell Marine GFCI duplex receptacle automatically monitors ground fault circuit interrupting functionality every 3 hours or less. If an event occurs, it interrupts the power supply and limits the duration of any electrical current flow.

After tripping, the receptacle is reset by pushing a button on its face. A test button allows the user to verify the GFCI is in working order, along with visual indication of outlet status—green when powered, solid red when tripped and flashing red to warn of device end-of-life.

The Hubbell GFRST52MW GFCI duplex receptacle can be mounted on any standard 2.5" deep electrical box, with no special wiring needed. A feed-through feature also provides protection at any other receptacle downstream on the same electrical circuit. The unit's standard size and interface allow for easy retrofits.

Hubbell's GFCI duplex receptacles are specified by boatbuilders and severe-duty customers worldwide. They're used by Captain Dave Carraro from the popular National Geographic Channel series Wicked Tuna, on his vessel

The Hubbell GFRST52MW GFCI duplex receptacle meets the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) and the ABYC Standard, and will accept locking fork terminals. It's available in white, ivory, gray and brown.

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