Gilkes Moves into the Mid-range Marine Engine Cooling Market

February 22, 2021

Yachting Journal

Photo: Gilkes

New lines of pumps from Gilkes that focus on engines between 4L & 19L feature all metal construction, aimed at extending life expectancy before service by up to six times.

Gilkes bespoke product development cycle allows engine manufacturers to tailor every aspect of the design to meet their ever-changing technical requirements. 

Initially focused on commercial, military and SOLAS applications with a dry running capability the self-priming raw and freshwater pumps have now migrated into the mainstream pleasure boat markets.

Gilkes Pump Features:

  • An all metal construction
  • Dry running capabilities
  • The ability to handle chemically contaminate water (no breakdown of the impeller)
  • The ability to operate at low temperatures without sticking
  • A longer maintenance life to overhaul (up to 6 times that of a rubber impeller on high hour applications – no impeller changes)
  • Reduced downtime for your end-users
  • Sales security and guaranteed aftermarket for customer through being a bespoke product
  • Stronger internal construction
  • A weep hole design to prevent end-user none essential claims through seal operation
  • Latest seal technology
  • Ability to self-prime across a wide range of speeds
  • High lift capability
  • Ability to operate on both open and closed loop systems