Gulf Craft Makes a Splash with New Luxurious Yachts

March 5, 2015

Yachting Journal

 UAE-based yacht and boat builder, Gulf Craft has made three global launches of latest super yacht - the Majesty 122, the Nomad 65 and 75 from the new collection of yachts designed for the passionate seafarer. 

Three new luxury yachts worth a total of Dh53 million were unveiled by Gulf Craft on the first day of the Dubai International Boat Show on Tuesday.
Measuring 37.5m in length, with a fuel capacity of 25,250 litres, Majesty 122 costs a staggering $11m (Dh40.40m). It can accommodate up to 10 guests and has five spacious ensuites with an extended balcony and fly-bridge.
"By globally launching the Majesty 122 in Dubai, where people have a true appreciation for the waterfront lifestyle, we continue to bring that experience to our customers," said Mohammed Al Shaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft. 
The Nomad 65 and 75 ranges are ideal for those who enjoy their leisure activities out at sea. With the Nomad 65 price starting at Dh5.6m, and the 75 model from Dh8m, the vessels are designed to meet an emerging market for comfortable long-distance travel.
“The Nomad ranges are aimed for family and friends who want to enjoy their yachting experience,” said Erwin Bamps, chief executive officer at Gulf Craft.
In 2014, the UAE ranked in the top 10 yacht building nations, with Gulf Craft leading the yacht-building industry both regionally and globally.
Gulf Craft projects around a 15 per cent increase in revenue in 2015, helped by growing global demand, according to its chairman. Revenue for the year is forecast to reach $120 million (Dh440 million) this year, from $105 million in the previous year.
Gulf Craft is expected to deliver 45 yachts and 250 boats this year, up from 40 yachts and 200 boats in 2014. The company, which has tied up with 45 boat and yacht dealers worldwide, has also signed four agreements with dealers in Russia and Romania this year.
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