Hurtigruten Gathers Latest Harvest of 'Subsea Bubbly'

June 28, 2024

Yachting Journal

"Bubbles from the Sea/Havets bobler" after being retrieved from the Arctic Sea. Photo: Rune Kongsro

Hurtigruten has retrieved another 4,500 “Bubbles from the Sea” sparkling wine bottles from the Arctic Sea off the coast of Norway

In 2023, Hurtigruten launched the concept "Bubbles from the Sea" (“Havets bobler” in Norwegian), the first underwater-aged sparkling wine matured in the Arctic region. A new batch of bottles has been stored and collected, this time from the northernmost point of the Norwegian coast, near Kirkenes. Never has wine been water-aged this far north. "Bubbles from the Sea" has proven a great success among Hurtigruten's guests in the last year.

The 2024 batch of "Bubbles from the Sea" comprises 4,500 bottles stored at a depth of 34 meters (112 feet), 70 degrees north outside Bugøynes near Kirkenes since November last year. The idea is that aging in colder seas with a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), higher pressure, and constant darkness will provide a very distinctive maturation of the wine. This season's batch was a significant increase of the 1,500 bottles originally submerged in 2022 for the 2023 season. Due to high demand, it will increase further to as many as 5,000 bottles to be submerged this September at a new, secret location along the Norwegian coast.

For a decade, Hurtigruten has been dedicated to its Norway's Coastal Kitchen food and drink concept, offering short-distanced and locally sourced food and beverages. However, as some things on the menu, such as wine, are not possible to produce in Norway on a large scale, Hurtigruten created the "Bubbles from the Sea" concept to give the wine a unique Norwegian twist. Although the method itself is not entirely new, “Havets bobler” was the first wine sea-aged in Arctic waters. Now it has become an annual event, and satisfying guests with both taste and concept.
"By storing sparkling wine at the bottom of the sea under favorable conditions, we have managed to create a unique taste experience that stands out from other products on the market. Innovation and creativity are key to success in our industry, and we will continue to explore new and exciting ways to create unique products," said Hurtigruten CEO, Hedda Felin.

“The cooler temperatures of waters such as the Norwegian Sea are even better suited to sparkling wines. The stable underwater environment enhances the structure of the wine, improving effervescence to create smoother, softer bubbles, while moderating acidity and sweetness for more rounded tannins”, said Tani Gurra, Front of House & Beverage Director for Hurtigruten.