IMTRA Debuts New Side-Power Thrusters

January 12, 2021

Yachting Journal

(Image: IMTRA)

IMTRA, manufacturer and importer of solutions and products for the marine, energy and transportation markets, introduced its new line of commercial-grade Side-Power thrusters designed for commercial vessels and larger recreational yachts. Available in four different tunnel sizes, the new products include proportional or on/off controls in AC-powered and hydraulic versions.

Available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-inch tunnels, the new Side-Power thrusters provide up to 3,000 pounds force of thrust. Each unit is built with dual, counter-rotating, bronze five-blade props for durability and efficiency. Their “Q-prop” design is quiet, and the dual counter-rotating props create equal thrust in both directions, especially when compared to single prop designs. Side-Power thrusters are lubricated with oil-fed gear lubrication. The 20- and 24-inch models can have their oil changed in-water, reducing operating costs by eliminating the need for a haul out. Side-Power thrusters have the most compact and streamlined gearlegs on the market that maximize water flow and thus increase thrust output compared to the larger gearlegs from other manufacturers which restrict flow and limit performance.

The AC-powered models include a preprogrammed variable-frequency drive, EMC filter and proportional controllers. A wide range of lever/joystick controls are available; and CANbus networking makes it simple to add multiple control stations with system monitoring, IMTRA said.

Side-Power hydraulic systems require no additional set-up at commissioning. The factory completely engineers the system including pump and valve specification, hose diameter and pressure ratings, electrical system, and all pumps and valves are pre-set for pressures and flows. In addition, IMTRA can provide complete hydraulic systems including the electrical control system for proportional or on/off controllers, powering not only the thrusters, but all other hydraulic applications – such as pot haulers, winches, cranes, steering, crash and fire pumps, to name a few, the company said.

The new Side-Power commercial-grade thrusters are available through IMTRA’s network of marine retailers, shipyards and marine retrofitters throughout North America.