MagicEzy Backs Repair Products with Guarantee

July 9, 2014

MagicEzy's new line of nanotechnology-based boat repair products

To reinforce that its new line of nanotechnology-based boat repair products deliver repairs that last, Australian manufacturer MagicEzy has announced a three-year repair guarantee on its patent-pending 9-Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix and Mega Fusion products.

“We’re confident that MagicEzy products aren’t only a faster way for professionals and DIY boaters alike to fix scratches, cracks, chips and gouges — they’re also a far more effective method when it comes to appearance and durability,” said MagicEzy CEO and surface repair expert, Warwick Lindsay. “Our patent-pending formulas have been specifically engineered to provide structural and cosmetic repairs that stand up to moisture, heat, sun, flexing hull surfaces and more. This new 3-Year Repair Guarantee shows the boating industry and consumers that we stand behind the repair durability of our products,” added Lindsay.

As Lindsay explained, there are some key differences between MagicEzy products and traditional fiberglass repair products, which affect performance on vessels in actual boating conditions. For example, adhesion is a critical quality when repairing surface damage on boats. Unlike traditional surface coatings, MagicEzy formulas deliver unsurpassed adhesion and strength. This helps maximize the structural integrity and durability of repairs in the harsh marine environment. Adhesion is further improved through a special drying process that makes MagicEzy repairs “touch dry” quickly, yet they continue to cure fully over time.

Flexibility is another critical quality. Traditional resins are often rigid when dry and therefore have difficulty flexing with fiberglass hulls as they pound over the waves — making them more prone to failure. In contrast, MagicEzy products are designed to be tough yet flexible, which ensures that the repairs move with the boat. This is critical, as boat hulls are constantly flexing and shifting.

MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix formulas come in 11 colors, providing a match for many of the most popular fiberglass boat colors. Built-in UV filters ensure that MagicEzy repairs keep their strength and won’t fade. The products even include a built-in, anti-bacterial formulation that ensures that MagicEzy repairs resist mold and mildew — important properties in a constantly moist environment.

Under the terms of the guarantee, MagicEzy will cover repairs made using its products for a period of three years. In addition, the product is guaranteed to have a two-year shelf life and a six-month shelf life after opening. If its products fail to provide this level of performance when properly used, MagicEzy will provide customers with a refund of the purchase price.