Marlow-Hunter Rendezvous at Specialty Yachts

June 3, 2014

The 2014 summer rendezvous schedule starts with something special, "We congratulate our long time dealer consistently in the Top 10 in sales and customer service on being in business for 50 years," said John T. Peterson, President of Marlow-Hunter, LLC. "And there isn't a better way to kick off the season, than to be at the Specialty Yachts Rendezvous for the 35th consecutive year.”

With more than 120 boats expected for this event held at Thesis Island at Telegraph Harbour Marina, Lawrence Fronczek, owner and President of Specialty Yachts, said, “Our success started with my father some 50 years ago this summer by placing the customer on a pedestal and never taking your eye off of him. It is a constant focal point of our organization as we have now sold new and used over 3,000 sailboats. This year's rendezvous is just one example, although a very visible one, of an extension of our total customer focus, and it all centers around what boating"

Other events planned by Marlow-Hunter, its' dealers and Hunter Sailing Associations (HSA) are as follows:

  • The 11th Annual Summer Sailstice, June 21
  • The 16th Annual Southern Chesapeake Leukemia Cup Regatta, July 11
  • Lake Erie South Shore Hunter Sailing Association Rendezvous, July 18-July 20
  • Atlantic Canada Rendezvous, July 25-July 27
  • Lake Michigan Hunter Sailing Association Rendezvous, July 25-July 27
  • Cruising Yachts Rendezvous, July 25-July 27
  • England East Coast Rendezvous, August 2-August 3
  • True North Yachts Rendezvous, August 8-August 10