MAST, WESMAR Partner on Maritime Security Technology

June 25, 2015

Yachting Journal

Maritime security company MAST announced it has formed a new partnership with marine sonar systems provider WESMAR with the goal of protecting super yachts and the maritime industry from security risks.
Phil Cable, CEO of MAST, commented, “Global threats to assets and personnel operating in the maritime environment are complex and continually evolving. While obstacle avoidance is an age o9ld navigational concern applicable in all waters, the ability to detect divers approaching while at anchor is a valuable capability in light of recent threats by terrorist organizations to conduct attacks on vessels in the Mediterranean and beyond.”
MAST said it has been developing and designing bespoke security packages for the maritime industry and global yacht clients since 2008, and is regularly called upon to advise, design and install security systems on yachts, ships or marine installations.
WESMAR, a U.S. based company, manufactures marine sonar systems for fish detection, navigation and security. WESMAR's navigational and security sonar are used for recreational and cruise vessels around the world for underwater surveillance and navigation, addressing yacht safety at anchor or under way. The company has provided sonar and electronic solutions to the maritime industry since 1965.
WESMAR President Bruce Blakey said, “Our sonar technology is used as a navigational tool for obstacle avoidance and other underwater threats. Our unique, high resolution display and user friendly interface provides the ability for vessels to easily detect and identify potential risks, and allows captains and crews adequate time to respond accordingly. ” 
In addition to being an asset to vessels, WESMAR's sonar products also have the ability to be configured permanently at entrances to marinas, ports and harbors, where continuous monitoring can be a powerful addition to security provided by local coast guard and marine police. This solution can now be offered as a viable option to governments when conducting port risk assessments and making recommendations for improvements in levels of protection.
Steve Hull, General Manager at MAST North America, said, “The partnerships with WESMAR is further evidence of our ongoing commitment to provide our clients operating in the marine environment with access to the most advanced technology driven security solutions. There is strong synergy between our companies and the WESMAR sonar product line is ideally suited in our range of products and services to these industries and our global clientele.” 
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