New Antenna for Wi-fi Internet Access Afloat

August 20, 2015

Yachting Journal

Image: Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht's new, budget priced WL70 wi-fi antenna aims to bring reliable, long range wi-fi connectivity to an on board laptop PC or MAC, according to its manufacturer.
More and more boaters want access to the internet afloat, says Digital Yacht. Marinas and ports as well as a large number of cafes, hotels, restaurants and service providers offer wi-fi connectivity, but that vital connection might be missed if moored or anchored away from the dock – especially when below deck about to enjoy a movie or catch up on email. The WL70 can offer connections up to about ½ mile/1km, depending upon conditions.
It has a high performance 1.25m 15dBm antenna to suck in the weakest of signals and the encapsulated low noise, high sensitivity modem connects to the PC via simple plug ‘n play USB interface. It fits a standard 1” mount (not supplied) so can be permanently mounted or even taken out into the cockpit when moored and temporarily installed.
The WL70 is priced at £125/$199.95/€185 (excluding VAT) and is available now.
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