New Danalevi Powerboat Tops 60mph

October 29, 2013

Yachting Journal

'Furina' power boat: Photo credit Danalevi

The 22-foot powerboat, Furina, with a unique style and high-end performance, is slated to be revealed to the public at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Ross K. Hartman, president of Danalevi Corporation, whose passion for design and appreciation of classic automobiles combined to inspire this first prestigious powerboat for Danalevi says:  "With American muscle car feel and classic European styling, Furina will be appreciated by both auto and boat enthusiasts. Geared toward driver experience, we have integrated design with leading innovations in boating technology."

Furina boasts the V8, 380 horsepower stern-driven Volvo Penta engine, offering improved fuel efficiency and speeds in excess of 60 mph at 5,800 RPM. The drive is mounted higher on the transom, which translates into improved top end performance, without sacrificing torque.

Furina's hull design along with hydraulic steering provides a smooth, sports car like ride.
The custom interior is reminiscent of an Italian sports car, with the added benefit of adjustable driver and passenger seats. Built in coolers and storage offer functionality and convenience. Most recent technology innovations have been incorporated including the Volvo Garmin Glass Cockpit, Fusion stereo system, and docking stations for iPhones and iPods.

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