New Inflatable Solid Rubber Stoppers for Super Yachts

March 26, 2020

Yachting Journal

Photo: HFT

The Pipestoppers Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT have launched new Rubber PetroChem Stoppers, for pipe stopping on Super Yachts where access is difficult.

CEO Managing Director, Georgia Gascoyne said: “We were recently tasked with the challenge of sealing various holes on a Super Yacht. The sea chest inlets needed to be blocked off to prevent ingress of seawater so valves and valve seats could be cleaned. Deck cleaning is also made easier by using these plugs by blocking off the scupper holes.”

“Each Stopper has a longer length than diameter, which prevents them from tipping over and losing their seal inside the pipe. They are also manufactured with a ribbing to prevent slipping.”

The Stoppers are manufactured from quality materials, ensuring a long life span and are resistant to a large number of chemicals and petrochemicals.

The Stoppers are available in five sizes, which will seal pipes from 2” to 12” (50 mm – 300 mm). Each Stopper is inflated simply using the Schrader Valve.

Photo: HFT