New Intellian Antenna aims to Improve Live TV Reception on Vessels

August 3, 2022

Yachting Journal

Image courtesy Intellian

Intellian Technologies announced its new t-Series and s-Series antennas to enhance the live television (TV) experience for those onboard maritime vessels.

The new t-Series antennas, available from September onwards, will leverage improved technology to elevate the user and customer experience. Featuring an upgrade to Intellian’s trademarked WorldView Technology (WLNB), it is designed to enabel seamless television viewing onboard anywhere in the world as vessels travel between regional services.

The four new models of the t-Series - t85N, t100N, t130N, t150N - range from 85cm up to 150cm. They join Intellian’s extensive portfolio of popular satellite TV antennas designed for vessels ranging from 20ft to over 1,000ft.  The new s-Series range also in development by Intellian, is designed for the US regional market, with an expected launch later this year. The new s100N and s130N, will be a dual Ka-band for the US and Ku-band for the Mediterranean, TV receive only antenna system, which supports DIRECTV and DishNET reception.

The t-Series’ also improves the ease of installation according to the manufacturer, making quicker for engineers to deliver live TV experiences onboard and troubleshoot problems through Intellian’s bespoke user interface, AptusNTV. The new five cable RF configuration system enables like for like swaps with other products.