New Marine Radar Training Software Launched

January 29, 2024

Yachting Journal

(Image: Cambridge Pixel)

U.K.-based Cambridge Pixel has unveiled a new software package to aid in the instruction and learning of the proper usage of maritime radars.

SPx Radar Trainer is designed to make it easier for students to familiarize themselves with radar controls by providing a modern simulation of a typical radar display, supported by chart and 3D environment views. It includes custom scenario creation for instructors and runs in a browser window for ease-of-use.

Developed by Cambridge Pixel, a company known for its radar software expertise, SPx Radar Trainer provides students with a realistic PPI display and common controls. With the ability to steer the vessel and observe the 3D environment from multiple viewing angles, the software makes it easier to understand what is being represented on the PPI display.

Course instructors are provided with the flexibility to create custom scenarios, from setting the ‘own ship’ starting location, course, and speed, to placing other vessel traffic and configuring weather conditions. This allows instructors to provide training using realistic and familiar scenarios.

Cambridge Pixel's founder and managing director, David Johnson, said, "Cambridge Pixel is pleased to launch a modern solution that supports training on the operation of marine radar systems. SPx Radar Trainer expands our range of radar processing solutions that aid in improving safety and security around the world.”