New ProZero P-Top Model Launched

April 28, 2020

Yachting Journal

Photo: ProZero

Tuco Marine has added the new 9.3-meter P-top design to the ProZero series. 

The low-weight, semi-open design results in a faster workboat that has a larger operational range and extended working time on sea. The P-top features a protective P-top console solution and flexible seating arrangements which can accommodate up to 12 passengers or a full deck cargo.

The first new P-top in the ProZero line is the 9.3-meter P-top featuring double outboard engines, although water jet or Z-drive propulsion systems are also available. The boat is delivered in a special P-top configuration featuring a protective full-beam console with front window and closed roofing. The sides and aft on the P-top can be closed off with canvas sides for further comfort and flexibility.

Tuco has been working closely with highly experienced workboat clients to ensure that the new design, layout and functionality profile will fulfill the demands for semi-open and flexible boats in a market that is growing.

The 9.3-meter P-top is followed by siblings in different sizes. A 7.99 and a 10.5-meter version are the first sisters to join the P-Top program.
Good ride quality and ergonomics is key to enduring long and exhausting missions, and the new ProZero is designed to provide just that. With its non-stepped, variable deadrise, deep V-bottom hull featuring good forward entry, a flared bow, wide chines and lifting strakes/spray rails, the hull provides a safe and reliable base for high-speed operations and will tackle even very agitated sea states.

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