New Start Date: Norbert Sedlacek

November 19, 2013

Yachting Journal

The electricity breaks down and the collision with a floating object forced Norbert Sedlacek to stop over! The new start date for Norbert’s world record attempt: 12.01.2014, 12:00 Gijón (SP).

"Fortunately, the world record attempts are not in danger on the continent," joked Norbert Sedlacek after heading his boat which had the electrical problems towards the harbor of Gijón in the Spanish Bay of Biscay. As a bonus, the boat had a crash with a floating object brought up by the storm in the harbor and this collision resulted in the serious damage of the rudder hinge and the rudder pocket of our FIPOFIX.

Now Norbert Sedlacek and his team are in the process to solve the technical problems and to examine the boat hull after a crash to find out all defects. The first optical inspection revealed that the hull has survived not only after the stormy Bay of Biscay but also after a crash in the harbor.

We are extremely glad of this fact because it is the 100% prove of the revolutionary FIPOFIX-positioning technology and the resistance of the processed volcanic fibers.

The little yellow boat is enjoying now "Christmas holidays" while the energy supply problem will be theoretically and practically resolved.

On December 1, 2014 the small FIPOFIX will hold the bow into the wind again in the direction to Cape Finisterre to follow the first world record attempt.

“Proof of Principle“ stands for the worldwide first attempt to cross the North Atlantic in a 16 feet or 4.9-meters boat, a single-handed and nonstop race from east to west by the southern route and subsequently from west to east by the northern route.

To fulfill these two world record attempts Norbert Sedlacek will sail approximately 8 nautical miles in partly drift ice ocean on a boat which is not only shorter than the average height of wave, but he will also take a risk to be a prey of the ocean sharks.  During the estimated sailing race of 80 days, the Open16 FIPOFIX will provide only 1.5 m² of “protected” area.

By this extreme sailing project, Norbert Sedlacek wants to establish the new sailing world records of proof that with a synergy between the futuristic art in engineering, the development of innovative materials, the personal experience, the ideal preparation and the resolute commitment in sailing everything is nearly possible.

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