Ocean Trade Lines to Deliver 2 LRV's

December 10, 2012

Yachting Journal

Ocean Trade Lines, one of the world’s leading boat transportation companies, has orchestrated the transport of 2 of Zyvex Marine’s LRV-17’s from Seattle, Washington to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia this month. The vessels are scheduled to arrive in Tanjung Pelepas on December 8.

Last month the eminent marine transportation company operating out of South Florida, USA, announced that their cargo-yacht-boat shipping services would expand to now service most of the Far East ports of call. Since the announcement was made, the company has seen a major influx in requests for boat transport services to the region. Ocean Trade Lines now offers a bi-monthly direct service to all major ports of call in the Far East.

The 2 LRV’s (Long Range Vessels) or LRV-17’s that were built by Zyvex Marine, were designed for fuel efficiency and rough sea stabilization with a range of 1,500 nautical miles and a sprint speed over 40 knots. They are also the first manned vessels created using Arovex or nano-composites (a carbon fiber reinforced plastic enhanced with carbon nanotubes or CFRP-CNT). This material reduces structural weight and allows for more efficient fuel usage and ultimately in increased range. Zyvex Marine, headquartered near Seattle is the premier provider of carbon fiber nano-composites vessels and specializes in manned and unmanned variants for an array of operating conditions using the most advanced materials science available. Ocean Trade Lines is proud to do business with such a ground-breaking builder.

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