Samson Introduces New Mooring Lines

July 8, 2020

Yachting Journal

(Image: Samson)

Samson, developer of high-performance synthetic rope solutions, introduced three new products designed to enhance safety in mooring operations: EverSteel-X, Amsteel-X and SureSteel.

Designed for semi-permanent mooring, Samson has implemented several new features designed to improve rope lifetime, operational efficiency and safety. Enhanced and proprietary coating technology brings superior abrasion resistance, permanent twist identification and a patent-pending end-for-end indication to this high-visibility rope. EverSteel-X holds third party certifications and is approved for permanent jetty mooring through the Bureau Veritas, with their POSA approval. BV’s POSA framework qualifies the rope for permanent mooring at a jetty, making EverSteel-X the first and only high-performance synthetic rope to achieve this designation. It is also MEG4 tested and certified through ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). This line offers the highest UV-resistance, and the highest fatigue performance of all Samson mooring lines, and contains Dyneema DM20 fiber.

The newly introduced product combines all the features of Samson’s flagship AmSteel-Blue and customizes them even further for the mooring environment. AmSteel-X includes new hi-visibility, yarn-level coating for both internal and external abrasion resistance, twist identification, length marking, and end-for-end indication. Made with Dyneema SK78 fiber, Amsteel-X is MEG4-tested and certified through ABS, and available in all sizes to meet MBLsd requirements.

Presenting a balance between initial investment and service life, SureSteel is MEG4 tested and certified through ABS and is available in all sizes to accommodate MEG4 requirements.