Seakeeper 6 Unveiled for 40'-49' Vessels

June 1, 2017

Yachting Journal

Image: Seakeeper

Seakeeper Inc. has released its newest model, the Seakeeper 6, designed to eliminate up to 95 percent of boat roll on 40- to 49-foot vessels, up to roughly 20 tons.
While providing a level of stabilization comparable to Seakeeper’s original model, the M7000, the new Seakeeper 6 is a considerable 40 percent smaller, draws 25 percent less power, and costs roughly half as much as the original model. As marine stabilization has evolved and spread over the past decade, customers’ expectations have evolved as well. Eliminating more than 90 percent of boat roll was once unfathomable, but Seakeeper’s ability to condense more stabilizing force into a smaller volume has allowed them to achieve levels of stability never seen before.
The Seakeeper 6 showcases new developments in both the technology behind and the design of Seakeepers. The new model’s sphere and internal components have all been redesigned to provide the maximum angular momentum for a given footprint. The Seakeeper 6 also features an updated electronics suite, including a new touch screen display with NMEA and Ethernet capabilities.
The Seakeeper 6 available for order now and will begin shipping on July 1.