Sealegs Rolls Out 8.5m All-alloy Amphibious Craft

August 3, 2018

Yachting Journal

Photo:Sealegs International

Sealegs International Ltd. has released the latest addition to its range of amphibious craft at the Sydney International Boat Show. The 8.5m all-alloy amphibious cabin boat is the result of a 12-month development project that focused on market feedback from Australian owners and their specific requirements.

The new 8.5m Alloy Cabin is the top of the all-alloy Sealegs range, which includes the walk-around center console 7.7m and 6.1m D-Tubes.

“The 8.5m all-alloy amphibious cabin craft is a completely new model,” says Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright. “It responds to market feedback and Australia’s desire for an amphibious aluminium-plate boat that doesn’t compromise on internal space or performance – be it on land or water.”

The 8.5m Alloy Cabin comes equipped with a larger 35hp inboard engine, which provides better traction in difficult terrain, and a 250hp outboard which will have the craft comfortably cruising at 26 knots and provide a top speed of 39 knots. It also features a comprehensive selection of options to suit both the sports fisher or the day tripper.

The unique plumb bow with hydrodynamic stability chines and Zipwake dynamic trim-control system provide an unparalleled ride on the water. The inboard engine has been integrated seamlessly into a specially designed walk-through transom, meaning there is no engine box occupying valuable internal space. The amphibious integration has paid specific attention to the craft’s center of gravity and combined with the plumb bow it exceeds all expectations of what an amphibious boat can do on the water. The integrated design provides impressive deck space for internal storage both in the gunnels and underfloor.

Speaking at the Sydney International Boat Show, the Sealegs CEO also announced “The Australian market has been vocal about their desire for this craft of this type, so we’re excited to release it exclusively in Australia at this time. Having already confirmed in excess of $2m worth of pre-release orders for this model, the extensive research and development has been well justified”.

Sealegs International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Future Mobility Solutions, a marine group which includes: Lancer Industries in New Zealand, Willard Marine in the USA and Sillinger (S.A.S.) in France.