Shipbuilding: Diversity Drives Derecktor

August 29, 2019

  • Derecktor New York.
  • Derecktor Dania.
  • Capt. Ben Moore. Photo: Derecktor
  • Derecktor New York.

  • Derecktor Dania.

  • Capt. Ben Moore. Photo: Derecktor

Derecktor is a diverse boatbuilding organization, with a multitude of yards and long experience building  hundreds of yachts, workboats and military craft. Its shipyards today include:

Robert E. Derecktor: The company headquarters located 25 miles north of Manhattan in Mamaroneck, NY, and the original Derecktor yard. Today, the site remains as the company’s new construction base, and it also provides repair services for a variety of yachts and commercial craft.

Derecktor Robinhood: Located in Riggs Cove, Maine, Derecktor Robinhood is a full-service yacht yard and marina, offering summer slips and moorings, winter storage, yacht sales, Spartan Marine Hardware, Riggs Cove Houseboat Rentals along with the popular Osprey Restaurant.

Derecktor Dania: A South Florida large-yacht repair facility, Derecktor Florida celebrated its 50th year in 2017. The yard caters to many of the world's most impressive power and sailing yachts in need of repairs, storage or major refits.

Derecktor Ft. Pierce: Our newest and most unique shipyard. It will be the first U.S. shipyard designed specifically for megayachts –  power and sail vessels over 200 feet and 900 tons. It will boast the world's largest mobile lift.

A recent, significant project culminated in the launch of the Captain Ben Moore, a Hybrid Cargo Catamaran. “We have launched the third of our hybrid catamarans and had a tremendous response” both inside and outside of the industry, said Paul Derecktor, President and Chairman of the Board. “There is ever growing enthusiasm for green solutions in commercial vessels and we anticipate signing a contract for a fourth hybrid shortly. We are also currently repowering multiple ferries operating in NY Harbor, and the demand from this market remains strong and ongoing.”

The third in a series of 65-ft. aluminum catamarans built by Derecktor and powered by BAE Systems hybrid technology, the vessel was built for Harbor Harvest, a Norwalk, Conn., based company set on changing the way fresh produce and foods are transported around metro areas. Once in service, the boat will carry goods from family farms and small producers in the region across Long Island Sound, relieving traffic congestion and reducing emissions. The vessel has a top speed of 15 knots and boasts 300-sq.-ft. of open cargo space, 100-sq.-ft. of covered space and 140-sq.-ft. of walk-in refrigerated space. Total capacity is an impressive 12,000 pounds of cargo or the equivalent of three to five full truckloads, according to Harbor Harvest founder Bob Kunkel.

Derecktor newbuild for Harbor Harvast. Photo: Derecktor.

In looking for opportunities for future growth, Derecktor doesn’t have to look far. “The NY harbor fleet, and ferries in particular, will continue to provide work as the fleet grows and diversifies,” he said. “We are also now established as a leader in the commercial hybrid market and anticipate building on that with orders for new and more varied vessels.”

Capturing this business means continual investment, and in this regard Derecktor has a solid plan to continually improve its facilities.

“Along with development of a new megayacht facility in Ft. Pierce Florida, we are undertaking an improvement/expansion program in NY to meet the growing demands of the market, both in repair and overhaul for the NY harbor fleet, and in the hybrid platform we have pioneered,” said Derecktor.

Meet Paul Derecktor, President and Chairman of the Board

Paul is the oldest son of Robert E. Derecktor, founder of Derecktor Shipyards.  Paul studied engineering at New York Maritime College and the University of Rhode Island.

He has been apprenticed in every trade involved in the construction and repair of wood, aluminum, steel and fiberglass vessels.  He has extensive experience in boat design and boat building, as well as fabrication methods and curing techniques.

Paul was instrumental in the design and development of lighter, stiffer hull construction – development that went into the design of racing sailboats such as Boomerang, a maxi-racer with unprecedented winnings, and Stars and Stripes, the 12-meter winner of the 1987 America’s Cup race.

He has managed projects from patrol boats to large commercial vessels and yachts.

He was a founding partner of New York Fast Ferries, enabling Derecktor Shipyards to build its first two high-speed catamaran ferries, laying the groundwork for developing Derecktor’s presence in the fast ferry market.  Paul has managed Derecktor’s Mamaroneck facility since 1978.

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