Stabilizers Fitted to Luxury Yacht

November 7, 2017

Yachting Journal

The M/Y Rumbera. Inset shows control console and fin for WESMAR DSP5000 Stabilizer. (Photo: WESMAR)

The M/Y Rumbera, a sports fishing yacht built by Sea Force IX, recently had WESMAR’s new DSP5000 Digital Stabilizers installed.
Owner, Captain Scott Nichols, was so pleased with the smooth ride provided by the WESMAR stabilizers on his previous motor yacht that when he purchased his new sports fishing yacht, Rumbera, he wanted the same system.
What Captain Nichols got however, was WESMAR’s newest DSP5000 Stabilizer, a digital system that has been receiving strong reviews for its quiet, precise stabilization provided in all sea conditions and at all speeds. The Rumbera was fitted with 9.5 square foot fins, each with 932 dual cylinder actuators.
Ramsay Marine Mechanical Services out of Riviera Beach, FL did the installation. The final sea trial was performed out of Ft. Lauderdale.