Tech File: Compact Version of Schottel EcoPeller

January 14, 2022

Yachting Journal

Schottel presents a space-saving LC installation variant of its EcoPeller (SRE). 

By dispensing with the gearbox in the L variant and thus featuring lower noise and vibration levels, the unit is ideal for the yachting sector. These compact variants open up greater design freedom in the stern area for ship designers, increase on board comfort for passengers and create more space for other equipment. The new SRE LC variants, which cover the power range starting at 500 kW, are available now.

Maximum mechanical efficiency is also assured as the SRE is systematically designed as an L-Drive. This means it does not have an upper gearbox inside the vessel, as this would reduce the degree of efficiency. On the market since 2016, the EcoPeller has repeatedly demonstrated its versatility.

With the novel SCHOTTEL LE-Drive (Embedded L-Drive), Schottel meets the increasing demand for electric drive concepts. As the propulsion systems are compatible with electric motors of all types and manufacturers, the LE-Drive allows a free choice of electric motor for diesel-electric or purely battery-powered vessels.