IF the Pats Win: Belichick to Rename His Boat?

February 2, 2019

Yachting Journal

It’s been reported that Bill Belichick has changed the name of his boat to reflect the number of big game rings he has won.

His boat – currently named ‘VII Rings’ (for his seven championship-winning seasons) – stands to be changed to ‘VIII Rings’ if his team comes out with the “W” this Sunday. Discover Boating, an initiative from the recreational boating industry designed to get people out on the water, is kicking off this weekend by offering Coach Belichick a FREE paint job on his boat to update the name and design if he adds another ring to his collection.

In addition to the free paint job, Discover Boating has also offered up a few new name suggestions – all tied to Belichick and his legacy – in case he wants to switch it up:

  • Ocho Ring-O
  • Don’t H8
  • Billy G.O.A.T.
  • G.O.A.T. Captain
  • IX Rings (so we don’t have to paint it twice)

paint job