Tuco Marine Sells Second ProZero Workboat

August 22, 2014

Yachting Journal

ProZero workboats: Image Tuco Marine

The newly-built vessel has been sold to SeaCharter A/S, who have signed a charter agreement with DanPilot A/S, says Denmark's Tuco Marine Group.

Danpilot has taken over the vessel to explore the possibility of lighter and more fuel-efficient pilot boats.

The boat - the "ProZero 12m DC Light Pilot" - is from the newly developed ProZero series. The hull design is based on the well proven and tested hull from Tuco's Guard Series. Tuco has produced and continuously developed the Guard series since 2002.

The focus in the creation of the ProZero series has been targeted to make an even lighter range of vessels, that include both FRBs, Workboats and Daughter Crafts.

Tuco Marine explains that the ProZero 12m DC Light Pilot is a fast cabin boat, a so-called 'Daughter Craft', specially adapted for maritime commercial services, as crew and passenger transport, as well as other tasks that require economical logistics and flexibility. Therefor the boat is specially designed with good and effective access from both foredeck and aft deck, and with a special focus on rapid storage of the crews or passengers luggage or tools.

"In the design process it was important for us to create a series of boats,  in which the design allows  for great flexibility both in terms of delivery time and construction materials, but also very much in relation to the boat itself," says Jonas Pedersen, Director of Tuco Marine Group and continues ; "Therefore, we have based the entire series on a modular design that allows us to customize each boat to the customer’s needs and wants."


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