Tuco Yacht Offering New Electric Boat

March 13, 2015

Yachting Journal

Photo: Tuco Yacht

Tuco Yacht informs that it has began export of the Rand Picnic boat that last year was launched by Rand Boats and the company GoBoat with a rental base in Copenhagen. There is already established contact with a number of European retailers who want to sell Rand Picnic in local markets. Together with Rand Boats, Tuco Yacht launched the Rand Picnic in the summer of 2014 as an environmentally friendly and quiet boat, an innovative lifestyle product combining a unique design with an electric engine. Subsequently Tuco Yacht has produced these boats for the success-full GoBoat-project in the harbor of Copenhagen, where you can rent an electric boat for a maritime picnic in the harbor and channels of Copenhagen.
Tuco Yacht is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the Rand Picnic, and after the success-full start last summer, we are now ready for export to the European market. Tuco Yacht is currently in positive dialogue with a number of European boat dealers on the establishment of a European dealer network.
Besides traditional marketing towards boaters, the exclusive design combined with the easy handling and silent propulsion, also brings an opportunity of marketing the Rand Picnic towards costumers without foregoing sailing experiences and costumers who wishes to sail in areas, where traditional motorboats are prohibited by noise regulations.
The prices of the boats are about 10.000 € in the standard-version and 12.000 € in the sports-version with steering wheel. Both prices without engine and batteries.
"At Tuco Marine Group, we have in recent years focused our efforts and marketing around light boats for the professional costumers, and this is still a field in which we see great opportunities. Rand Picnic however, is such an exciting and innovative product, that we have decided together with Carl Kai Rand to take this further out on the European market after the successful launch in Copenhagen last year," says Director of Tuco Marine Group, Jonas Pedersen.
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