WESMAR Announces New E-Bait Division

September 15, 2014

Yachting Journal

WESMAR President Bruce H. Blakey today released a statement saying the company has formed an Electronic Bait Division. The new division announcement was made in preparation for the launch of its Electronic Bait (E-Bait) line of products this Fall.

“The Electronic-Bait Division will be introducing a line of E-Bait that uses specially designed circuitry to optically mimic bioluminescence of underwater creatures, attracting catch to traps, pots, sleds, nets and hooks in such operations as crabbing, long lining, squid and shrimp fishing,” Blakey said.

“Earlier this year I asked former WESMAR Vice President Kurt Coralline to return to WESMAR to manage this new division. He knows our extensive manufacturing and design capabilities and has an impressive background in new product development and marketing,” said Blakey.

“WESMAR’s technical team, perhaps more than any other, knows the conditions under which E-Bait will operate,” said Coralline. “They know the fisheries, the users, the environment, and they have worked closely to ensure products meet the demands of the industry and its harsh environment. Based on extensive field testing I believe E-Bait can significantly reduce, perhaps even eliminate, the need to use expensive natural bait.”

Coralline added, “Based on past experience, I know Bruce Blakey’s own vision for WESMAR has always been technology driven, bringing countless innovative products to the market ahead of the competition. Among them numerous sonar for fishing, navigation, and waterside security, and a proprietary line of dual prop counter rotating stainless steel bow and stern thrusters and digital gyro stabilized roll fin stabilizer systems. These products serve a broad range of commercial, private and government marine operations around the world and in many markets complement the products the Electronic Bait Division will be introducing.”