Aus Navy at Home on Water in Sailing Champs

February 15, 2017

Yachting Journal

 Navy sailors asserted their dominance for the second year in a row, by again winning the Australian Defence Sailing Association’s inter-service championship held at Rushcutters Bay in Sydney.

Each service crewed Elliott 7 yachts in the three-boats-a-side team racing event that culminated in duels between top Navy and Air Force skippers.
Sailing Association president Wing Commander Sean Ahern put Navy win down to the skill of their best sailor, Sub Lieutenant Chris Eddes.
“The other Navy boats don’t tend to do as well but they seem to come out on top because Chris is such a good sailor,” Wing Commander Ahern said.
Air Force, who last one the competition in 2014, finished second with Army coming in third.
“It goes back and forth between Navy and Air Force so we’ll be trying hard to win the next championship,” Wing Commander Ahern said.
Despite their numerous victories, Wing Commander Ahern said Navy struggled to attract personnel to their team.
“I think that’s partly due to their high tempo and when they get off a ship, they generally don’t want to go back out sailing,” he said.
Navy members are encouraged to participate in sport due to the ongoing benefits for personal wellbeing, team unity and fitness.
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