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The World’s First Probiotic Air, Surface, and Object Purifier

The only natural way to clean and purify your home or boatDue to the spread of coronavirus and respiratory infections, safe indoor air quality has become a major concern for consumers worldwide. This has become evident with the overwhelming increase in demand for residential air purifiers over the last month. According to a new report by Reports & Data, “The Air Purifier Market is projected to reach $21.69 billion by 2027”.Fresh Air Wave, a division of gamma-tech, is the exclusive representative of 'BetterAir US' for the marine industry.

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Propspeed Partners with MJM Yachts

Propspeed announced it has partnered with MJM Yachts. Under the terms of the agreement, Propspeed will be the standard foul-release coating for all MJM Yachts’ underwater running gear such as propellers, shafts, struts, rudders, trim tabs and through-hull fittings.Propspeed’s ultra-slick top coat is specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. It is environmentally friendly and proven to increase boat efficiency, reduce drag and save fuel and maintenance costs.

BoatLIFE adds sanitizer solution in response to COVID-19 crisis

Sanitizer now available!Non-alcohol based sanitizer for hands and surfaces! Life Industries Corporation, manufacturers of BoatLIFE, RVbyLIFE, and AeroLIFE high-quality care and maintenance products for the marine, RV and aviation industries, has increased their sanitizing solution production line to help fight the spread and flatten the curve in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Available in the following spray bottle sizes: 4fl.oz., 8fl.oz., 12fl.ox., 16fl.oz., 32fl.oz., and refill bottles of 16fl.oz.

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Carbon Fiber Cowling for Cox Powertrain's CXO300

The exceptional performance and innovative features of British marine specialist Cox Powertrain’s high-perfromance diesel outboard have now been topped with stylish good looks following the creation of a robust, contemporary-styled carbon fiber cowling. Created by high-precision specialist, CPC Group, which works with high-profile names including Ducati, McLaren and Porsche, the durable, lightweight protective housing is available in black or white.Images of the CXO300’s final styling have now been released ahead of its imminent production launch this year.

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Polyflake Coatings Protect Against Chemical, Mechanical and Galvanic Corrosion

After several Trinity megayachts experienced degradation of aluminum materials in the sea chest and exhaust piping, Capt. Dirk Sachse looked for a new solution versus cutting out the exhaust and replacing.“There were various theories out there, including galvanic corrosion” said Capt. Sachse, master of M/Y Themis, a 156-Trinity.“We did our own metallurgical tests and it was all 5083, 5086 good quality pipe, just as specified on the drawings. It was verified good stuff, but prone to breaking down under a certain temperature.”Capt.

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Man Rescued from Sinking Vessel near West Palm Beach

The U.S. Coast Guard said it rescued a man from a vessel taking on water Monday approximately 10 miles east of West Palm Beach, Fla. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Miami received a notification from a good Samaritan of a vessel taking on water with one person aboard. Watchstanders diverted the Coast Guard cutter Cochito crew. They arrived on scene at approximately 3:30 p.m. and medevaced the man via smallboat to the Revere Beach Fire Rescue due to him suffering from a possible chemical reaction.

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Ecochlor BWTS Receives USCG Type Approval

Ecochlor's patented BWTS has received USCG Type Approval. The Ecochlor BWTS uses a two-step process that includes filtration and treatment with chlorine dioxide (ClO2). It is completely effective on all aquatic invasive species regardless of water turbidity, salinity or temperature. “The Ecochlor BWTS works just as effectively as it did when first installed in a ship in 2004 without any fundamental changes," said Tom Perlich, President and Founder. "Since that first system was sold…

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Cast Polyurethane for High Impact, High Wear Applications

Although ship and boat building design engineers have traditionally specified parts made of rubber, plastic or steel when durability is required, many are considering cast polyurethanes as a new alternative for demanding, high-wear, abrasion and impact applications. Cast polyurethanes, also broadly referred to as urethanes, are tough, elastic materials that combine many of the performance advantages of high-tech plastics, metals and ceramics along with the resiliency and flexibility of rubber parts and are ideal for ship/boat building components.

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Hella Marine Itroduces Anchor Pole Lamps

Hella marine introduces its NaviLED 360 2NM Anchor Pole Mount Lamps. They are fully certified to provide brilliant LED illumination to a range of 2 nautical miles, available in fixed and fold-down models to meet users' mounting requirements. The NaviLED 360 Anchor Pole Mount Lamp series is completely shock- and vibration-proof thanks to its no-filament design. Advanced MultivoltTM circuitry draws less than 1W of power, yet operates from 9-33V DC with full reverse polarity, spike and over-voltage protection for reliable operation and long life.

Dometic VARC72 (Photo: Dometic)

Dometic Showcases New Chiller Technology

Dometic said it will showcase its new chiller technology offerings at the Southampton Boat Show 2016, in Mayflower Park, from September 16 to 25, where the company will debut new VARC and Titan models. Following the introduction of the VARC48 variable capacity chiller, Dometic has now expanded the product range with the introduction of the new larger VARC72 model to meet the cooling and heating requirements of a range of boats and yachts. Innovative technology enables the chillers to continually adjust to meet load demands…

Kidde Fire Systems Introduces New Monitors

Kidde Fire Systems  launched a new control head monitor (CHM) for electric actuators and solenoid monitors for directional valves. The new CHM is fully compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2001-2012 Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems and is designed for simple installation on existing Kidde systems. According to the company, electric actuators are commonly used as activating devices for the release of a fire suppression agent in the event of a fire and the NFPA requires these devices to be in place and ready to activate.

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Air Freight Services for the Marine Industry

The Caribbean islands, reaching from Antigua, St. Barts and Anguilla to St. Maarten, the Grenadines, the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are traditional hot spots for yachting. Yacht owners and marine suppliers in these areas frequently need to order supplies, ranging from spare parts to fishing gear, or restock provisions. It is important that orders arrive on time and in good condition, and airfreight is the preferred choice of transportation when time is of the essence. Amerijet International, Inc. has direct, all-cargo flights connecting the U.S. to the Caribbean.

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New Courtesy Lamps from Hella Marine

Hella Marine's new Oblong Courtesy Lamps are available in a surface mount version for easier installation. Featuring a slim design, the lights are suited for brightening onboard areas, such as steps, stairs, toe kicks, storage areas, companion ways, deck fittings, signs and switches. Available in a variety of colors, including white, warm white, blue and red, the lighting design is customizable. Simple to install, owners just drill a hole for the cable, connect the two wires, screw the unit in place and cover the fastenings with the supplied end caps or stainless steel bezel.

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Maritime Piracy: Attacks Down, SE Asia Remains Problematic

While the issue of maritime piracy has largely fallen from the public eye, with the rapid evolution of the 24/7/365 news cycle and a never-ending list of new and globally interesting headlines, such as Ebola, there remains concerns of piracy’s effects on the broader maritime market, particularly in SE Asia. According to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) latest piracy report, maritime pirate attacks globally are down for three years running, but there is a worrisome trend of small tanker hijacks by armed gangs escalating in Southeast Asia.

Hernon Introduces Fusionbond 372

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. unveiled Fusionbond 372 to the marine industry at the USA Pavilion, the showcase for American-made marine products and boats. Fusionbond 372 is a thixotropic, two-component, room-temperature curing methacrylate adhesive, specially formulated to bond many diverse substrates and offer unparalleled chemical resistance. It is also resistant to fatigue and impact and maintains the ability to fill gaps. “Boat manufacturers will definitely want to take a look at Fusionbond 372 because it surpasses any other product on the market…

CMI Acquires SLP Vinyl Sheet Pile Business

Crane Materials International (CMI) announced the acquisition of Shoreline Plastics (SLP) vinyl sheet pile business including all related assets and intellectual property. CMI is a global company headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., with manufacturing facilities in Georgia and Florida. The company manufactures and fabricates high-quality vinyl, fiber-reinforced polymer and aluminum sheet piling, aluminum pedestrian bridges and marine docks. SLP, a vinyl sheet pile business based in Jacksonville, Fla., produces PVC pipe and other extruded PVC materials.

Custom Exhaust System Quiets Lively Sportfisher

American Custom Yachts president Dominick LaCombe knows every component is important when it comes to making fine and fast vessels. His new 90' custom sportfisher C'est La Vie pushes the power package envelope, with nearly 9,300 hp at his command to fly across the waves at almost 48 knots. The beefy twin MTU diesels require precision-engineered exhaust systems to handle high temperatures in scant available engine room space. To optimize performance and help tame noise aboard C'est La Vie, LaCombe turned to Marine Exhaust Systems.

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Marine Manufacturers find ... "There’s an APP for that"

Marine product providers turn to high tech tools to enhance service, information and – yes – their bottom lines. There’s an APP for that. You’ve heard it before and in many contexts. Increasingly, the global waterfront is getting into the act, too. Typically available for iPhones and/or any kind of smart phones, these Apps are perfect for the busy executive. Putting information at your fingertips, when you want it and no matter where you might be; is at the heart of it all. Like New Wave Media…

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