Boats are washed up on shore along the Florida coast during Hurricane Ivan in 2004. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Stacey Pardini)

Abandoned Fiberglas Boats are Harming the Marine Environment

Where do old boats go to die? The cynical answer is they are put on eBay for a few pennies in the hope they become some other ignorant dreamer’s problem.As a marine biologist, I am increasingly aware that the casual disposal of boats made out of fiberglass is harming our coastal marine life. The problem of end-of-life boat management and disposal has gone global, and some island nations are even worried about their already overstretched landfill.The strength and durability of…

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The Benefits of Sustainable Marine Lumber

Today’s marinas are held to a higher standard of environmental stewardship than in the past. No longer are they just responsible for the environmental impacts of their day-to-day operations, but also of their infrastructure and how it affects both the oceans, waterways and their delicate marine ecosystems. For these reasons, many marinas are being far more selective as to construction materials being specified for their expansion and/or restoration projects.One material that is rising to the top for its eco-friendly and performance attributes is sustainable marine lumber.

Photo: HFT

New Inflatable Solid Rubber Stoppers for Super Yachts

The Pipestoppers Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT have launched new Rubber PetroChem Stoppers, for pipe stopping on Super Yachts where access is difficult.CEO Managing Director, Georgia Gascoyne said: “We were recently tasked with the challenge of sealing various holes on a Super Yacht. The sea chest inlets needed to be blocked off to prevent ingress of seawater so valves and valve seats could be cleaned. Deck cleaning is also made easier by using these plugs by blocking off the scupper holes.”“Each Stopper has a longer length than diameter…

A mussel holds onto a Teflon sheet by a tiny strand. Mussel Polymers Inc. (MPI) – a startup created by Wardenclyffe Chemicals Inc., a technology development company – is ready to take sea-inspired adhesives from Purdue to market. (Image courtesy:

Mussel Power: New Adhesives from Chem Start-up are Sea-Inspired

Taking technology from academia to market is a well-worn tradition across the maritime and subsea sectors. In this case the ‘innovative’ adhesive technology is actually born from the sea. There is a new underwater adhesive technology based on a glue used naturally by marine creatures. Mussel Polymers Inc. (MPI) – a startup created by Wardenclyffe Chemicals Inc., a technology development company – licensed this patented adhesive technology from the Purdue Research Foundation. The technology was created by Jonathan Wilker…

Photo: ACO Marine

ACO Marine, Clarimar Sign Equipment Order

ACO Marine has secured an order from Turkish naval architect Soyaslan Design to design and manufacture a Clarimar MF-3 biological wastewater management system for installation to the luxury yacht Nirvana.With capacity for 24 passengers and 13 crew, the 40m long newbuild is under construction at the Tuzla-based Torlak Shipyard for an undisclosed foreign owner.ACO Marine, a division of Germany’s ACO Group, has established a solid reputation in the European super- and mega-yacht markets. However, Nirvana marks the first reference for a Turkish designed and built yacht.

Ainslie Names New America's Cup Yacht "Britannia"

Ben Ainslie named his new multi-million dollar America's Cup yacht "Britannia" on Friday, as he launched the revolutionary foiling AC75 he hopes will bring international sport's oldest trophy back to Britain.Ainslie's INEOS TEAM UK is aiming to challenge Emirates Team New Zealand for the America's Cup in Auckland in 2021 and the futuristic boat will soon be put through its paces on the waters of the Solent, near his base in Portsmouth, southern England.INEOS TEAM UK is the fourth team after New York Yacht Club's American Magic…

Caffari named Bluewater Global Brand Ambassador

Bluewater will partner with record-breaking yachtswoman Dee Caffari, as the company's Global Brand Ambassador. The collaboration means that Dee Caffari will work closely with Bluewater to further raise awareness around the ocean plastic pollution issue, how that is linked to drinking water quality and how Bluewater’s existing solutions help solve these problems.“Dee Caffari is one of the greatest living sportswomen in history, who I deeply respect for her achievements both on and off the water," said Anders Jacobson, Bluewater President and CSO.

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Team AkzoNobel Completes Volvo Ocean Race

Recently, team AkzoNobel completed its first Volvo Ocean Race, concluding the final leg in second place and finishing fourth overall. The team finished on the podium on six of the eleven legs.During the race, the team was supported by two Damen Workshop Containers. The two containers leapfrogged each other across the 11-legs and 83,000 km of the round-the-world race, ensuring that team AkzoNobel had onshore support every step of the way.The provision of workshop containers was a natural way for Damen to offer support to the team.

Photo: Damen Shipyards

Damen, AkzoNobel Collaborate in Volvo Ocean Race

Damen Shipyards Group has announced its partnership with team AkzoNobel in the Volvo Ocean Race. The Dutch shipbuilding company has provided onshore workshop containers that act as mobile technical operations areas for the team’s supporting shore crews, enabling the team to achieve its aims. In this respect, the partnership was a natural choice for Damen that parallels the way in which the group works with its clients. The Volvo Ocean Race is a gruelling round-the-world yacht race, held every three years. The 2017-18 edition started in Alicante, Spain on 22 October 2017.

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EcoSpeed Enters Yacht Market

Subsea Industries said it has begun actively marketing its Ecospeed coating in the luxury yacht market following the introduction of stringent regulations aimed at reducing the impact of leisure craft operations on the marine environment. The Antwerp-based sustainable coatings specialist will market its non-toxic hard coating initially in the United States, where there is increasing scrutiny of copper-based antifouling systems on the hulls of all types of pleasure boats. “There…

ML-XT solution for wiring applications in harsh environments. The 18-circuit ML-XT sealed system, with XRC terminals, color-coded housings and custom options, ships fully assembled—ready to deliver full IP68, IP69K and SAE J2030 compliance. (Photo: Molex)

Navigating Marine Connectivity

The NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) 2000 standards helped create a framework for safer, more reliable marine communications by streamlining the connectivity of boat engines, navigation, control, power distribution, water, waste and other mechanical and monitoring systems. Onboard connectivity translates into improved operator safety, better diagnostics, simplified maintenance and lower lifetime costs. Manufacturers recognize the value of electronics to distinguish their brand—and satisfy customers seeking connectivity at sea.

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All-women Yacht Crew Conducts Scientific Sampling on the Thames

A team of women sailing around Britain to sample the U.K.’s waters for micro plastic and chemicals, arrived on the Thames August 30 to kick off local awareness-raising activities with a discussion panel made up of crew members, a scientist and young environmental activists. Panellists spoke about the state of the marine environment, how eXXpedition was formed and their current Round Britain scientific surveying and awareness-raising outreach activities. Emily Penn, eXXpedition Co-founder and Ocean Advocate…

Dometic VARC72 (Photo: Dometic)

Dometic Showcases New Chiller Technology

Dometic said it will showcase its new chiller technology offerings at the Southampton Boat Show 2016, in Mayflower Park, from September 16 to 25, where the company will debut new VARC and Titan models. Following the introduction of the VARC48 variable capacity chiller, Dometic has now expanded the product range with the introduction of the new larger VARC72 model to meet the cooling and heating requirements of a range of boats and yachts. Innovative technology enables the chillers to continually adjust to meet load demands…

Using ESPRIT CAM to prepare a rod coupling for Karver System prior to machining

3D Machining Puts Wind in the Sails

Established in 1984 as a company dedicated to engineering marine motors, Armor Mécanique is situated in the port of Lorient. And while the coastal view remained picturesque, the ensuing years brought change. The company, founded by Marcel Février, is now dedicated to precision engineering and boilermaking. In 2005, upon Février’s retirement, experienced precision engineer Franck Vincent took on management of the company. Upon taking up the reins of Armor Mécanique, Vincent found that he had quite a lot on his plate.

Henderson, Hanes & Associates Opens Doors in Miami

The Miami-based ocean engineering and naval architecture firm of Henderson & Associates, Inc. has merged with Sea3 Systems, Inc. to form Henderson, Hanes & Associates, a full-service engineering firm that brings underwater intervention and project management services to the global marine industry. The new firm, headed by Shawn Henderson, P.E. and Dan Hanes, P.E., both of South Florida, draws on the deep experience base of its founders and specializes in quick turnaround refit and repair projects that may span multiple technical disciplines and trades.

Spectrum 52

Yacht Designers Set for SCIBS

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS) will welcome several talented yacht designers among its 300 exhibitors this year, each displaying cutting-edge technology and concepts they describe as “game changers”. Based in the Australian Marine Pavilion, which will house innovative Australian-made products, superyacht companies and destination marketers, Albert Sedlmayer will have on show the plans and presentation to support his concept of the SPECTRUM 52, a sleek and unique 52-metre catamaran ideal for world cruising that, once constructed, would be the biggest cat ever made.

Photo courtesy of USCG

Boat Winterization 101 Tutorial

Winterizing is important not only in ensuring the safety of a vessel but also in safeguarding the maritime environment. The Coast Guard often responds to cases of vessels sinking due to heavy snowfall or oil in the water at a marina due to poor winterization. Enjoy one last trip on your boat – and don’t forget your life jacket – taking note of all the things you’ve been putting off during boating season. Winter is the perfect time to complete your “to-do” list of repairs, replacements or modifications on your boat.

MY Tatoosh

Bolideck Covers Growing Superyacht Market

Superyacht construction and refitting projects have proved productive territory for Dutch marine decking and flooring supplier, Bolidt, which reports a continuous workload in the high-end market throughout 2012. The company has been involved in eight major yacht projects this year, delivering solutions for both newbuildings and major refits at yards in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. High profile projects for Bolidt in the Netherlands - home to some of the market’s leading yacht-building and refit specialists - have included MY Sea Rhapsody…

Severn Trent De Nora Secures New Order for its Mariner Omnipure

Electrolytic disinfection technology to be used on luxury yacht. Severn Trent De Nora has announced  that the Mariner Omnipure  marine sewage treatment system M5508 model will be used on the FY17, a new luxury superyacht to be constructed by Fitzroy Yachts of New Zealand for delivery in 2014. The FY17 is a fast cruising sloop that measures 37.5m in overall length. The order was secured through HMA-POGC of Australia, a supplier of industrial equipment to the water and waste, oil, gas and other industries.