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This Shore Power Cable Set is Watertight

Water and electricity do not mix. Having a waterproof shore power cable set is of vital importance to the safety of boaters and their watercraft. Hubbell Marine 30A models incorporate a molded design, completely encased in solid PVC material, to ensure reliable waterproofing and superior durability.The 30A Cable Set with LED "Power-ON" Indicator features a high intensity light that glows bright green when power is on. This makes it easy to verify if shore power connections carry live current.

Hubbell Marine's YQ100PLUS Power Adapter

Larger boats can face power challenges when docking in smaller ports that don't offer 100A service. Hubbell Marine's YQ100PLUS power adapter is able to connect a 100A 125/250V AC boat to two 50A dockside receptacles. The YQ100PLUS features a small, lightweight NEMA 4x enclosure that is watertight and protected by sealing grommets. Safety features include indicator lights that provide quick visual confirmation at a distance of correct polarity at the dock receptacles. The unit senses that the two receptacles are from correct phases and that the plugs are fully engaged.

Photo: Hubbell

LED Indicator Enhances Shore Power Convenience

The ability to quickly verify whether shore power connections carry live current is a basic safety benefit to any boater. Hubbell Marine offers 30A cable sets with a high-intensity LED indicator that glows bright green when power is on. The presence of electricity can be confirmed at a glance, even in bright sunlight. In addition to the LED safety feature, Hubbell 30A cable sets include arrows on the cable terminals to indicate locked/unlocked positions and provide easy alignment of the grounded prong.

Photo: Hubbell Marine

GFCI Receptacles Provide Added Safety Afloat

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) recommends using ground fault protected receptacles where there's potential for water exposure, such as heads, galleys, machinery spaces or a weather deck. Fully compliant with the newest UL 943 Standards, the Hubbell Marine GFCI duplex receptacle automatically monitors ground fault circuit interrupting functionality every 3 hours or less. If an event occurs, it interrupts the power supply and limits the duration of any electrical current flow. After tripping, the receptacle is reset by pushing a button on its face.

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