Captains, Crew Live Off The Grid With Marine CORE

December 10, 2018

Yachting Journal

Marine CORE, an innovative communications hub for yacht captains and crew, may change communication from sea. With four hotspots in one device, Marine CORE has a small footprint and tremendous capabilities, commanding communication in the U.S. and internationally.

Distributed by Florida-based EC Ruff Marine for Agile Marine Solutions, Marine CORE deploys high-performance LTE service for HD streaming and Internet for constant communication with a strong connection in the air, on land and sea. Bonded, multi-channel cellular LTE, SAT, WIFI, GPS and land mobile radio extension capabilities provide reliable coverage and faster speed in one, compact device.

Marine CORE activates and protects your signal with two product versions. Go CORE is portable backpack weighing 22 pounds. The lithium ion phosphate battery regenerates in use with 10-12 hours life. Hard CORE is a 24 x 24 waterproof, pelican box is mounted on board the vessel.

With a 45 nautical mile range offshore, there are no spotty cellular connections, according to Ed Ruff, president of EC Ruff Marine.

“With Marine CORE, connectivity issues in congested marinas are eliminated,” said Ruff. “The 18-inch, military grade antenna doesn’t need to be 15-feet off deck for transmission. GO CORE is inflammable and safe aboard boats and planes. US government approved as medical grade.”

Sophisticated software manages cell tower hand offs to maximize signal strength. There is nothing to connect or reconfigure. Marine CORE automatically searches for the best throughput connection, defaulting to the best service for your locale, whether WIFI, SAT or Cell LTE.

With multiple cell frequencies, Marine CORE has a cell phone app for secure communication.  With the most bandwidth anywhere, there are no roaming charges. Marine CORE costs less than SAT phone.

Using the local SIM of the country where you’re located, Marine CORE is loaded onto the gateway at local price point with real bandwidth. With installed equipment in 70 countries, Marine CORE’s virtual SIMS proprietary technology is safe and can’t be obstructed by intruders.

Service is available with full bandwidth on the gateway at sea. Marine CORE is a great option on and offshore and has strong coverage in the Caribbean.

Marine CORE is a marine line of ruggedized, long-range, multi-SIM card, smart routing communications technologies. The LMR extension function in the background detects service loss to the trunked radio network, sending retransmission over the VPN secure LTE connection - with no action from the operator. The bonded LTE aggregates all cellular connections to maintain session persistence even if one or more cell connects drop due to the ship traveling out range.

Marine CORE has four cellular LTE rations on board covering most service frequencies around the world, including all major North American carriers. Band 14 ready. Marine CORE technology offers the ability to conveniently and seamlessly switch from LTE to satellite and back, smart routing, covering a range up to 25 miles offshore before automatic, smart routing to satellite for the strongest signal at sea. The basic package starts at $2,995 and runs to $11,895 for the 16-card application.

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