GetMyBoat Report Startling International Charter Growth

December 13, 2013

Yachting Journal

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GetMyBoat, leader of peer-to-peer boat rentals and charters, say they have steadily added over 200 boats a week worldwide, which will give them a year-end tally of over 11,500 boats in 1,100+ cities, 80 countries, and 49 US states.

Seasoned sailors and new boaters alike have the opportunity to try any type of desired watercraft, from a kayak in California to a catamaran in Croatia. Every boat owner listed with GetMyBoat now can reach a global audience and marketplace with their watercraft.

GetMyBoat explain that similar to companies like Airbnb and Uber that are planted in the sharing economy and favor an “asset-light” lifestyle, GetMyBoat allows boat owners to make additional income on their otherwise underused watercraft. In the United States alone, boat owners only use their boat an average less than 8% of the year.

 GetMyBoat makes boating accessible and affordable by allowing boaters to only pay for a boat when they need it, removing the necessity and high cost of ownership.

In the spirit of accessibility and ease of use, GetMyBoat inform that they recently launched apps for both Android and iPhone so that boat lovers and owners have access to boating — all from the palm of their hand and on the go.

Further information and mobile app downloads are at:

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