Top Three Dealers of Galeon Yachts in the U.S.

March 9, 2018

Yachting Journal

Photo: Galeon Yachts

MarineMax Fort Myers, MarineMax Port Clinton, and MarineMax Naples were recently named as the top three U.S. dealers of Galeon Yachts.

Established in 1982, Galeon remains a privately-owned company specializing in constructing luxury yacht and motorboats. With clear vision and steady growth, they have reached employment of over 800 people working on 240,000 square feet of production and assembly halls, capable of taking on even the most ambitious projects. Every Galeon yacht is a piece of handcrafted excellence and thanks to the unparalleled attention to detail, cutting edge technology and great designs the company has become one of the premier European boat builders. The invaluable experience they have gained over 30 years allows them to be on the forefront of innovative boat builders, constantly introducing new and daring designs. With each new generation of Galeon yachts, they push the limit even further. Over the years Galeon yachts have gained recognition for their great designs, superb performance and unmatched level of craftsmanship. They strive to become synonymous with high quality, innovative features and perfect execution of their products. Their attention to detail and willingness to improve constantly pushes them forward.

“We are proud to name these three MarineMax stores as the top dealerships for Galeon Yachts in the U.S. As Galeon continues to develop and manufacture the most innovative and highest quality yachts in the world, we depend on our dealerships to not only deliver these exciting products to our valuable customers but they are instrumental in servicing our customers after the sale which is of paramount importance.
The contribution of these top MarineMax stores can be seen in their customer ratings for satisfaction and for this they are most appreciated and hereby recognized,” Bob Burke, Galeon Yachts U.S. Brand Manager.
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